June 23 Andy in Allison

June 30 Bobby Dean Blackburn

July 14 Joe Huron

July 15 Orange Devils Monarch

July 18 Charlie Bell, Southampton

July 20 Orange Devils, Trenton

August 12 Charlie Bell Kincardine

August 15 Charlie Bell Southampton

August 17 John Schnarr Kincardine

August 18 Bobby Dean Blackburn Port Elgin

August 26 Orange Devils recording

September 7 Charlie Bell Port Elgin

September 9 Orange Devils

September 11 Georgian Bay Symphony

September 12 Charlie Bell Southampton, with Steve McDade.

September 18 GBS

September 20  Andy at Thornbury, with Ted Warren, William Sperandei, Alison Young

September 21 Canadian Big Band, Port Elgin

September 21 Andy at Boston Pizza, Port Elgin

September 22 Jazz brunch, Midnight Ramblers, Andy Alison, William and Ted

September 25 GBS

September 29 Andy at Boston Pizza, Alliston

October 2 GBS

October 7 Orange Devils

October 9 GBS

October 16 GBS

October 17 Charlie, with Drew Jurecka

October 19 GBS concert

October 23 Benefit at Heartwood

October 27 Andy at Boston Pizza Alliston, with Russ Little

October 30 GBS

November 2 Blues Boys at the Barrhead

November 4 Orange Devils

November 6 Heartwood, book launch

November 20 GBS

November 21 Bobby Dean Blackburn

November 27 GBS

December 2 Orange Devils

December 4 GBS

December 7 GBS

December 12 Charlie

December 19 Charlie

December 21 Duffy's

January 13  Orange Devils

January 15 GBS

January 22 GBS

January 29 GBS

February 5 GBS

February 9 GBS concert

looks like no gigs for over a year, because of Covid. Slowly starting back. Also, broke my left pinky in a boating accident. Pretty well healed, practising slowly and carefully

Brewery in Caledon, 2 or 3 jobs in September 2021

Celebration of life at a home in Southampton


3 afternoons at the British Arms in Barrie, with Joe Huron, Tim Moore, and esteemed guests.

More at the British Arms

Subbing at the Jazz Mechanics (freebee)

British Arms, Barrie, some Sundays 2 -5

Georgian Bay Symphony March 26

Monday rehearsals with Jazz Mechanics big band.

British Arms some Sundays

Georgian Bay Symphony some Wednesdays, concert May 7

May 10 Rose Theatre Brampton

May 15 British Arms

May 20 Thornbury jazz

May 22 British Arms

May 28 Orange Devils

June 4 Orangeville Jazz Festival - Bill Campbell

June 9 Celebration of life for Debbie Bell

June 12 British Arms Joe Huron

June 16 Jazz Mechanics Gage Park

June 24 Tyler Yarema Southampton

June 25 Canadian Big Band

June 26 Orange Devils Toronto Jazz Festival